How To Remove A Charge Off From Your Credit Reports

What does charge off mean? It’s a negative credit rating with a credit bureau and if you’ve skipped paying a debt chances are its sitting on your credit reports as a “charge off”. When a creditor suffers a loss from non payment the debt is charged off to a profit and loss. This procedure basically clears the debt from their record keeping but it does not release your liability. A charge off is a negative rating and a credit rating killer.



Not only will your credit reports be affected by a charge off but you will be pursued by the creditor and most likely a third party debt collector. This can result in a judgment which will also be placed in your credit history with the credit bureaus and is very difficult to remove.

It’s best to avoid a judgment at all costs because they can remain in your credit history for a very long time and since they can be renewed, you could be a target for wage garnishments and collection activity for a long time.

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